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Davis Adams Featured in The Trial Lawyer

by | Sep 5, 2019 | News

The Trial Lawyer, a magazine for trial lawyers and a voice for justice featured an article written by attorney Jess Davis. In “Litigating Idiopathic Necrotizing Fasciitis Cases,” Mr. Davis shares a pair of client stories and makes the case that idiopathic NF cases should be prosecuted with the same frequency as secondary NF cases.

It’s believed that Davis Adams is the nation’s premier necrotizing fasciitis misdiagnosis law firm. This progressive, rapidly spreading, inflammatory infection located in the deep fascia can be difficult to recognize in the early stages if the treating physician is not exercising proper diligence in evaluating the patient’s symptoms. Once the disease begins to progress, necrotizing fasciitis requires aggressive surgical treatment, often leading to amputation and sometimes death.

“Susan was nearly dead when her husband and young children were quietly ushered into her small room at Northside Hospital in Atlanta to say a final goodbye. A vibrant, athletic and loving mother of three, 34-year-old Susan was given virtually no chance to survive the evening. Her husband and children kissed her forehead one last time, and drove back to their home in silence, prepared to adjust to a new, but still unthinkable reality.”