Prescription Errors

An increasingly common form of medical malpractice involves medication errors, including incorrect medications, mistaken doses of medications, wrong combinations of medications, or medications to which the patient is allergic. Medication errors also occur when the pharmacies or pharmacists filling a prescription give patients the wrong medicines. Like all medical negligence cases, those involving misfiled prescriptions and other medication errors are generally complex in nature and replete with opportunities for negligent parties to avoid taking responsibility. We diligently discover the important facts, retain world-class expert witnesses and methodically prepare medication error cases for trial in a way that maximizes the opportunity for a verdict that provides justice for our client.

More about medication errors and misfilled prescriptions…

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently reported, “Some studies indicate that about 3 percent of the prescriptions dispensed by pharmacies have potentially harmful errors. The patient may be given the wrong drug, the wrong dosage or the wrong directions. The pressure on retail pharmacists to crank out prescriptions can be intense, with some overseeing hundreds of prescriptions a day.” The report also noted that most pharmacists are overworked and that they delegate prescription filling tasks to technicians without proper supervision.

In addition to fatigue among pharmacists, other preventable errors occur all too frequently because systems for safely prescribing and ordering medication are not appropriately used. For example, a widely recognized cause of error is illegible handwritten prescriptions. Also, errors may result from insufficient or missing information about co-prescribed medications, past dose-response relationships, laboratory values and allergic sensitivities. Prescription errors can occur when a regimen is too complex or when prescriptions are transmitted orally.

If you, your child or a loved one have suffered from a complication caused by a prescription misfill or other medication error, we can obtain the necessary medical records and have an expert physician review the file free of charge to determine whether a doctor or other healthcare provider was negligent.

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