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Surgical Errors

When surgical errors occur, patients and their families want answers. One contributing factor to these mistakes is that as insurance companies continue to apply financial pressure to healthcare providers, doctors are required to work longer hours with less support.


The attorneys at Davis Adams are here to help. We will diligently uncover the key facts, consult with world-class expert witnesses, and methodically prepare your surgical error cases for trial in a way that maximizes the opportunity for justice for you.




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The Most Awarded Lawyers for Surgical Errors in Georgia

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Mr. Davis is an accomplished attorney for surgical errors in Atlanta, Georgia. He has received virtually every award and honor available to Georgia trial attorneys. He is one of the foremost experts on medical malpractice law in Georgia. Published on March 16, 2017, last updated on June 21, 2019.

Author: Jess Davis, Partner, Davis Adams

The healthcare profession has always been busy, but perhaps never more so than today, as many doctors, surgeons, nurses, and medical specialists average 60 to 70-hour work weeks. First and second-year residents at hospitals (the youngest and most inexperienced doctors) typically carry the largest workloads on a hospital’s medical staff, often facing sleep deprivation of more than 30 hours.


While this may save hospitals and insurance companies money, this troubling trend does not bode well for patients in need of high-quality medical care. Under these conditions, it is not surprising that so many life-changing, and sometimes fatal, mistakes occur every day in operating rooms throughout Georgia. From surgical errors to pressure injuries to medication errors,  


Like all medical negligence cases, those involving surgical error are highly complex in nature and replete with opportunities for negligent parties to avoid taking responsibility.


There are risks associated with every operation. And in fact, the trouble can start before the operation happens if you have an instance of radiology malpractice, and things can also go wrong during recovery after the procedure with nursing malpractice. However, competent surgical care, well-trained medical staff, and well-resourced healthcare facilities can alleviate many of the risks associated with surgery. 


Nevertheless, the following are some of the surgical procedures in which errors often occur:


  • childbirth;
  • thoracic surgery;
  • gynecologic surgery;
  • gastric bypass;
  • cardiac surgery;
  • gastrointestinal surgery;
  • plastic surgery;
  • ENT/head and neck surgery;
  • ophthalmologic surgery;
  • gallbladder surgery;
  • hernia surgery;
  • vascular surgery;
  • orthopedic surgery;
  • colon/rectal surgery;
  • spinal surgery;
  • neurological surgery;
  • laparoscopic surgery;
  • robotic surgery; and
  • urologic surgery.


If you or a loved one has suffered adverse effects from one of these procedures or another medical procedure, you may want to think about contacting a medical malpractice attorney. 


While surgical errors can occur during any procedure and for many reasons, there are some commonalities that we see most often. Below are some common causes of surgical errors.


  • cutting, clipping or nicking the common bile duct;
  • nicking the bowel;
  • severing or otherwise damaging a nerve;
  • perforating the colon;
  • operating in the wrong area of the body;
  • removing the wrong part of the body, such as limbs, organs, and tissue;
  • leaving a surgical instrument in the body (retractors, sponges, surgical towels, etc.);
  • surgery unrelated to the patient’s diagnosis; and
  • surgery on the wrong patient.


An issue that is sometimes seen along with surgery, although not officially part of the surgery, is the administering of anesthesia. If too much or too little is used, or the patient has an adverse reaction to anesthesia, that’s when anesthesia malpractice comes into play.


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We’ve fought for clients in every type of medical negligence case there is. Our record speaks for itself, tens of millions of dollars recovered in verdicts and settlements. Before it’s too late, let’s discuss your options.

Surgical error cases are complicated, so it’s important to retain the very best medical malpractice attorneys. Instead of just hiring whoever is close by, take a good look at an attorney’s specialization and their results. 


Jess Davis and Chad Adams cut their teeth dealing with one of the most intricate, high-stakes clinical negligence cases. Medical malpractice issues are often regarded as amongst the most complex of all personal injury matters. Racking up successful results for their customers in cases other clinical negligence legal representatives were declining, they swiftly ended up being the “go-to” surgical errors lawyers to whom other Georgia legal representatives refer difficult situations.


With surgical errors, in particular, one thing to know is that the statute of limitations may be different depending on the type of surgery error. Typically the statute of limitations is two years from the date of the negligent care for medical malpractice in Georgia, but if you have the type of surgical error where a foreign object is left inside you during the surgery, the statute of limitations is different. In this case, it is one year from the date when the object is found. An experienced attorney can help determine what time period you have to file your case. 


If you, your child or a loved one have suffered as a result of a surgical error, we can obtain the necessary medical records and have an expert physician review the file free of charge to determine whether a doctor or other healthcare provider was negligent. A Georgia medical malpractice attorney with successful experience in surgical error cases is your best bet for a full and fair recovery. Contact Davis Adams today.