Infective Endocarditis: How and Why it’s Misdiagnosed

By Jess Davis March 22, 2024 Infective Endocarditis

Infective endocarditis (IE) is a serious infection of the heart’s inner lining or valves. Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial to prevent life-threatening complications. However, IE is often misdiagnosed because telltale warning signs are ignored. 

If you or a loved one in Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia suffered harm due to a missed or delayed diagnosis of infective endocarditis, we’d be grateful for the opportunity to speak with you about a potential medical malpractice case.

Understanding Infective Endocarditis

IE occurs when bacteria enter the bloodstream and travel to the heart, attaching to the valves or inner lining. This infection can damage the heart valves, leading to complications like heart failure, stroke, and even death. 

That’s why prompt diagnosis and treatment is so critical in these situations. An inattentive physician who carelessly dismisses early warning signs can set the patient up for a tragic outcome; we’ve seen it happen in metro Atlanta and throughout Georgia.

Consequences of Missed or Delayed Diagnosis

The most tragic IE cases our law firm has handled involved IE leading to debilitating strokes. This happens when bacteria lodge on the heart valves or inner lining, forming clumps of infected material called vegetations. 

These vegetations are fragile and prone to breaking off. When a piece breaks loose, it becomes an embolus, a small foreign object traveling through the bloodstream. The embolus can travel through the bloodstream and get lodged in a narrow artery in the brain. This blockage cuts off blood flow to a part of the brain, leading to a stroke.

How an Atlanta Medical Malpractice Lawyer Can Help

If you or a loved one in Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia suffered harm due to missed or delayed diagnosis of infective endocarditis, it’s crucial to consult with an experienced medical malpractice attorney. We’ve handled numerous IE cases and obtained substantial client recoveries. Here’s what we’ll do for you: 

We’ll obtain and review your medical records: Our lawyers will carefully review your medical history to find any missed diagnostic steps or failures to order appropriate tests.

We’ll consult with medical experts: Our firm’s track record and reputation have resulted in many leading physicians at prestigious hospitals and medical schools choosing to work with our lawyers to review potential cases. Access to top doctors sets us apart from law firms that only occasionally handle medical negligence cases.

We’ll consult with rehabilitation experts: We’ve worked with numerous highly-respected physiatrists and rehabilitation experts to craft comprehensive lifecare plans for clients who’ve suffered a stroke after misdiagnosed infective endocarditis. These plans form the basis for the financial recoveries we seek on our client’s behalf.   

Demand a Georgia Attorney with Infective Endocarditis Experience

Before hiring a lawyer, consider the following:

  • Do they specialize in helping victims of medical mistakes?
  • Do they have experience with complex infective endocarditis cases?
  • Have they successfully recovered money for their infective endocarditis clients?

A good Georgia lawyer qualified to handle your infective endocarditis case will appreciate the opportunity to answer these questions.  Get started today with Davis-Adams by giving us a call 404.373.8466 or visiting us online!